Choose the Best Massage Style at a Spa That Suits your Needs

After a tiring day where you had to meet several people during working hours, you still have to manage your household chores, cook food, manage kids, laundry etc. It is only the weekend that is left to relax, but that too is occupied with pending works like paying bills, buying groceries etc. This is not only stressful, but it also shows on your skin. Your face looks dull and tiredness reduces your immunity. To overcome this problem, one should always take rest and proper sleep of eight hours every day.

If people don’t get eight hours of sound sleep they are stressed out and often lead to serious health issues. This is why it is recommended that when you can’t find space and time for your body and health, you should visit a spa massage centre. It is here that proper style of massage can increase blood circulation, balance heart rate and improve skin quality.

There are different styles of massage therapies that you can look into and make your choice –

  • In Swedish massage, professionals apply long strokes in circular motion to decrease tension in muscles. It helps in increasing blood circulation and aroma therapy helps in relaxing mind.
  • Deep tissue massage as the name suggests is more intense towards muscles compared to Swedish massage. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and want extreme pressure on those points, then this massage is highly suitable.
  • With circular massage, hot stone massage is included where hot basalt stones are placed on points to loosen tight spots. It is a therapeutic treatment and helps in improving blood circulation as well.
  • Extreme workout and physical activity commenced by athletes lead to tension and chronic pain in muscles, but this can be taken care with sports massage which is designed for athletes specifically.
  • Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage which originated from Chinese medicine that helps in Qi energy force to flow smoothly and remove any blockage and tension in knees, elbows, feet, joints, limbs and back.
  • Trigger point massage is similar to deep tissue massage, however specific points are triggered where extreme pain is experienced. It is beneficial in treating pain like stiff joints, rotator cuff issues, sciatica, etc.
  • Prenatal massage is good for pregnant ladies who are suffering with tremendous pain in their back due to their weight. The person lies on side position and soft circular massage is given on the lower back which helps in reducing insomnia, depression and anxiety.

  • Reflexology and foot massage are two different techniques, but they both focus on your feet. In reflexology massage one specific point in feet helps in balancing other organs, but foot massage only concentrates to release pain from your leg.
  • Thai massage is basically yoga massage where different sorts of stretches are practised to provide temporary relief from pain.

Massage can be enjoyed by anyone. It is a splendid way to relax, unwind and enjoy some quality and peaceful time with your partner.

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