Should You Really Consider The Holistic Cancer Treatment? Find Here!

Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery – these are three options we consider and know of when it comes to conventional medicine. While modern medicine has helped thousands of cancer patients, the side effects of such treatments are a matter of debate. Such treatments attack the cancer cells for sure, but also impact healthy cells. As a result, most cancer patients have a weaker immune system. Besides the physical pain and emotional stress, patients also have to bear the financial burden of such expensive treatments. With holistic cancer treatment, the approach to the disease changes considerably. Here’s more on this and if you should consider holistic cancer treatment in the first place.

What’s the focus on holistic cancer treatment?

In the nutshell, holistic cancer treatments usually involve medically approved treatments and therapies that don’t weaken the body. This can be summed up in three parts.

  1. To stop making cancer
  2. To attack cancer cells without attacking the healthy cells
  3. To improve the immune system

All the holistic cancer treatments are focused on these three aspects.

The experience at a holistic cancer treatment center

When a patient visits a holistic cancer treatment center, doctors decide on a customized treatment plan, which will help in changing the biochemistry of the body positively. The idea is to help the body, so that it can heal and repair itself, both emotionally and physically. For example, comprehensive cancer care often involves high dose vitamin C therapy, which helps donate electrons to free radicals. Other treatment options that can be considered include insulin potentiated low dose chemotherapy, sodium selenite, ozone & hydrogen peroxide, DCA, chelation, alpha lipoic acid, IV Artesunate, and Glutathione.

Also, the focus is also on nutrition, so holistic cancer treatment centers ask patients to have organic, wholesome foods, including special superfoods like wheat grass juice. For cleansing and detoxification, other therapies and treatments, such as lymphatic drainage therapy, colon hydrotherapy, Myofascial Release, and Exercise with Oxygen Therapy.

To help patients have a better quality of life, doctors may also recommend lifestyle changes, including yoga and meditation into the mix, along with exercise, body conditioning. Many treatment centers also focus on psycho-spiritual strengthening and offer counseling to patients, so that they can enjoy their life without being bogged down by cancer.

Take an appointment

This brings us to the question – Should you consider holistic cancer treatment for someone you love? The answer depends largely on what you are seeking. Do you want the patient to wage a war against cancer or have a life while fighting the disease? At holistic cancer treatment centers, the focus is on the latter. While such centers don’t shun traditional medicine, they help patients in improving the quality of living as the treatment goes on. That can make a big difference, because the whole idea is to allow the body to heal naturally to the best possible extent. Visit a holistic cancer treatment center to know more on the treatment and if this is the right approach for someone important to you.

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