Three Awesome Ways to Help your Child Turn their Oral Health Routine into a Habit

As a parent, it is necessary to help your child develop a good oral health habit. Focus on ensuring they brush and floss their teeth without being told. It often has to start with developing a dental health routine but once your child gets used to the routine, they will begin to do it as a habit. Here are tips to make sure their dental routine becomes a habit:

Have a Regular Time for them to Brush and Floss

The best time to start their dental health routine is in the morning, right after breakfast. This helps in clearing out the food particles and keeping your child protected until they eat their lunch. When your little one gets used to eating a healthy breakfast, brushing and flossing their teeth become second nature. In the evening, have them brush after they watch their favorite show. You can also incorporate songs or games into the routine. Determine what do you think will work and focus on helping get used to the routine.

Encourage your Child to Continue with their Routine

After your child becomes familiar with their dental health routine, always encourage them to continue with it. Think of activities or reward systems which can reassure your little one brushes or flosses their teeth. For instance, consider having a calendar where you put gold stars for every day they continue with their routine. If possible, talk to your parent friends about their own rewards system as it may also work for your child. Emphasize the rule of brushing the teeth two times every day for two minutes and seeing the dentist twice every year. Also, introduce good toothpaste for them to use. Get helpful information at Your child must also floss once every day. If your child does all of these in the morning and evening, you must give them the opportunity to get something nice.

Be an Example

Your child will only practice a good oral health habit when they see you’re practicing it yourself. This is the reason you should do the brushing and flossing when you encourage them to do it. If you only tell them to do without practicing it yourself, your child may feel you are punishing them. Make sure oral care is not treated as a form of punishment. Concentrate on making it more like a fun family activity. Letting your child see you are practicing good dental health care yourself will help turn it into a habit.

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