Three Ways to Keep your Eyes Healthy

Impaired visual health can negatively affect your productivity at work and compromise your quality of life. This makes it important to care for your eyes proactively. Eye conditions can be prevented if you practice important care habits every day. Below are some ways to effectively maintain your eye health:

Be Aware of your Family History

A lot of vision issues are hereditary so you must know your family’s medical history. During your eye exam, your eye doctor will ask you about eye conditions which run in your family. If you have a relative who is farsighted, for instance, you have a higher risk of developing this condition too. With such information, your doctor will create an eye care plan which addresses your risk factors and this includes getting an eye exam near me.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating healthy keeps your eyes healthy also. Foods which contain high amounts of omega three fatty acids or vitamin C and E can help in maintaining healthy eyesight. Some of the foods you should eat include green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish. Also, take time to exercise regularly and quit smoking. Exercising helps your body parts function better including your eyes. Smoking has been the main cause of many health problems that include eye issues. By giving up this habit, you can reduce your chances of developing eye issues like optical nerve damage and cataracts.

Moreover, an eye-friendly lifestyle includes taking a computer break. If your work involves hours of facing the computer screen, try to take frequent breaks so your eyes could rest. Finally, focus on getting adequate sleep every night. This is important to keep your eyes from straining.

Keep your Eyes in Check

Although the following tips are quite obvious, they are important to maintain healthy eyes.

  • Get your eyes checked regularly. Adults who are more than forty years old must get eye exams every year to determine age-related eye conditions like glaucoma or macular degeneration.
  • Replace the case of your contact lens. Did you know that contact lens cases get dirty and can be a breeding ground for bacteria? Ensure your case is always clean and replace it every 2-3 weeks.
  • Stay out of the sun. Exposing your eyes to the sun for a long time can damage your eyes. If you need to be exposed, always wear protective wear such as sunglasses that have the best ultraviolet protection.

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